I reached out to Starla to work with her for two reasons. The first was to improve my relationship with food–I love food but have gotten into extremely restrictive and unhealthy patterns when I have felt heavier. The second was to learn how to fuel properly for my runs as I was increasing mileage and setting higher goals. Little did I know, the two were 100% connected and in the few months we have worked together I have learned so much. Success has felt like a 4 minute PR on my most recent half marathon, feeling overall more in control of how I eat, feeling more confident in my relationship with food, and not turning to the scale for validation.

Alycia Appelbaum

I have WAY more energy throughout the day. I don’t feel sluggish and feel tired for no reason before my workouts. I am bouncing back from my workouts faster. This has helped me go harder on my workouts and really optimize my performance. I am getting more quality out of my workouts. I was able to break a 7 year PR by 14 minutes and ran 30 minutes after my last marathon in 2018! I feel way better about myself because I know what to put in my body and have a stronger understanding of what my body needs.

Ralphy Perez

Success to me has been a big confidence boost in how I feel about my meal and snack choices. I spent a lot of time in the past worrying about what is the “right” thing or the “right” amount to be eating, and Starla has helped me see this in a way that is both totally simple and straightforward and incredibly personalized at the same time. Success to me is waking up hungry before an easy run and being excited to have a quick piece of toast rather than waiting until I am starving 3 miles in. Success for me is also the ability to put together and eat lunch without thinking about it for more than 2 minutes. I feel like I have rediscovered lunchtime joy in the form of a sandwich!

Amy Tortorello

I’m most proud of the deeper understanding of sports nutrition I acquired. Going beyond the general advice and knowledge I had gathered thought-out the years has been a huge takeaway. Advice such as “drink electrolytes after a run” became “drink more electrolytes because your body is asking for this.” I now understand what my body needs and why

Kenia Valladarez

I wanted to get better about my run fueling and my workout performance (including getting leaner and building more muscle). I am consistently feeling great on my runs and naturally run faster without even trying. I never had that for such a long stretch of time. I lost a few pounds as well without eating any less or feeling like I was dieting. I almost doubled my protein intake, take better care of eating carbs on time (which made sugar cravings disappear completely) and work on taking in more calories during long runs. I have a plan that works for me now and Starla made it easy for me to make it fit for my life.

Nele Lefeldt

Gaining an understanding of the importance of nutrition/food was really empowering and I consider it a success. I used to feel like I was a failure for not know what/how to cook, not knowing why I was low on energy, why I couldn’t run harder, etc. I thought a lot of these things were my fault. Learning about how easy healthy options are to make, accepting my body and appreciating how strong it is, and not putting nutrition on the back burner any longer were all successes to me. I started wearing crop tops to run (since I had always wanted to but never tried), eating lunch at the same time every day (to create a routine), and adding in healthy and simple options that would make me feel energized.

Dinee Dorame